Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Tips: Promoting Your Blog by Joining Blog Hops

  Promoting your blog is one of the best things you can do to attract followers. There are so many ways to do so, a lot of which we have already covered. One in particular is joining Blog Hops. Blog Hops (or Link Ups) are a blog link up hosted by one or many bloggers and is usually set on a certain day of each week, where other bloggers can come link up their blog with the chance of other bloggers hopping back to their site. A pretty simple concept to get your blog noticed by others, and it's basically like free advertising every week.

 Each Hop host might have a certain set of guidelines that need to be followed, which are pretty easy to follow through with. Most will have you Tweet out about the hop, away to attract other bloggers to come join in. They will also ask you to make sure you follow all the Hosts and/or Co-Hosts involved with that particular link, kind of like a "thank you" for hosting. And of course, what is a hop with out going to check out the others who have linked up. Some of these hops can attract HUNDREDS lovely bloggers to link up, some of which my stop by blog as well. So be sure to check out others, even leave a friendly comment letting them know you found them through "such and such blog hop" and you are stopping by to say hello. (Please don't ask for a return follow; I think we have covered that one already). Pretty simple rules. Some might ask for more or less, each hop is different and unique in itself.

Types of Hops
 If you have never joined a hop before, you might be asking yourself "Is a blog hop right for my blog??" The answer is yes! There are different types of hops out there, all pertaining to different aspects of blogging! So might be for your blog while others not. The best part is, there are so many to choose from.

GFC Hops: These hops are geared towards Blogger blogs that have GFC followers (Google Friend Connect). They are open to all blogs that use GFC (mainly those through Blogger). Here are a couple examples to check out:

DIY/Creative/Craft &/or Food Hops: If you do a lot of DIY/Crafts or share recipes, then these hops are for you. Not only is it a great way to promote your blog, but also a great way to feature your latest project on your blog. These hops with ask you to link up a specific post from your blog, not a direct link to your blog. Here are some examples:

Fashion/Style Hops: If you share those "What I Wore" outfit posts, then these hops are right up your alley. The blogs that host these hops with host them once a week. They will show you their outfit(s) for the week and then will invite you to link up you outfit post as well. Here are some:

Social Media Blog Hops: These hops are not only for your blog, but for social media too. They will have you not only hop to the linked up bloggers blog, but also whatever social outlet they have linked up as well. Examples:

Misc. Hops/Link Ups: These hops fall under various categories. They will have you link up a heart-felt post, things that are on your mind, VLOGS, etc.

That's just a short list of the different types of hops or link ups out there. There are hundreds that go on through out the week.

 The hosts of these hops and link up also like a little recognition on your blog as well. Whether it be linking back to their blog in your particular post, putting up a their button up some where on your side bar, or you can create a separate page (so your side bar doesn't get cluttered) and put all the Hops and Link Ups you join on that special page and label in "Linky Party" "Link Ups" or "Blog Hops" just so those that want to see what link ups you join every week can see the list of them.

 Now that you are hopping, you might even have the urge to start your own Blog Hop. GO YOU!! It's a great way to meet new bloggers and for long lasting blog friendships!!

 Do you have a Blog Hop or Link Up that you either Host or Join that wasn't mentioned?? Leave us the name and link of it in the comments below.

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  1. All these posts on blog tips are awesome!! I have a request for a future post. IDK if you guys do posts on technical stuff, how-tos & what not, but I'm wanting to know how to go about changing the name of my blog, (& transferring all my posts over to the new name).

  2. Can you do a post on how to make a great blog hop photo? The problem I run into is I take good pictures but then when I post it in a link I get a bad crop?

  3. Hello from the blog hop! I have only recently gotten into blog hops (and found you through the GFC blog hop that you co-hosted!) and I realize how many bloggers it brings together! I also love that so many are on a weekly basis!

  4. I love your blog! I'm following from the GFC Blog Hop!