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Meet the writers of B.You. We have come together to provide you lovely readers with information, tips, and tricks on blogging for real and being you. Since we feel that blogging on any level is opening yourself up to your readers, we want to open up to you as well.

Ashley {Founder}

Hello! I am a cloth diapering, attachment parenting, baby wearing, co-sleeping, nursing mama with two beautiful little ones who fill my day with joy. I used to cut fabric at Birch, but became a stay-at-home mom when my littlest was born. Now I spend my days watching Baby Einstein, pureeing baby food, going over homework, sewing up creations and blogging at Chevron Stitches about DIY/Crafts, sewn goods, handmade items and everything else in between. I also have a personal blog called A Fox & A Wolf where you can learn a little bit more about me and my crazy life. We are a silly family and I couldn't picture it any other way.

I began blogging almost 10 years ago when I needed an outlet for life as a teen mom. Yes, I was a teen mom. Seven different blogs later and a lot of transformation I have learned so much about the blogging community and a lot about myself! As I continue to grow and meet new people I have discovered that building up the blogging community in a positive light and helping bloggers grow themselves while being themselves is a passion of mine. So with some brainstorming, B.You was created! 

Natalee {Contributor}

Hi! I'm Natalee. I blog over at Eat Nap Play. I started blogging a short while ago to build a creative retreat for myself and my thoughts. Blogging has also been a great way for my family and friends in Texas to stay in the loop with what I am up to. I am originally from Dallas, TX. I'm now living in San Diego, CA with my hubby, son, and dogger (that's what I call her. It's dog+daughter). I have been in Cali since 2006, and I love it here! I work full-time as a scientist at a medical laboratory. I won't bore you with the details, but I will say I enjoy what I do because I get to embrace my inner geek and help others in need. Blogging helps me fill in the gap of fulfilling my drive for creativity and gives me a sense of ownership because I have something that is all mine. It fuels my desire for learning new things as there is always something new to learn or do within the blogging world. The social aspect is great too; I've met so many great people in this tight knit community so far. I am excited to see where this journey takes me, and I'd love for you to join me!

Ashley {Contributor}

Hello!  My name is Ashley, and I can generally be found a) writing, b) behind my camera, or c) blogging about a & b.

I'm a bottomless pit of pop culture trivia who's vices include weekend road-tripping, reality television, and online shopping.  When I'm not speeding down a highway, staring googly-eyed at my TV, or getting a limit increase on my credit card, I can usually be found hanging out with my dog (Shasta, an adopted bulldog-x!), blogging, and pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing.

Nowadays I try to lead a pretty up-beat life, and my goal is to have my blog reflect that.  Modernette isn't about any one thing in particular, but I do like to talk about what I love, which includes (but isn't limited to!): DIYs, business and blogging, television, and my daily adventures on the sunny west coast.
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  1. All of you sound like good people and very passionate about blogging. It is always enjoyable to see when people are passionate about something. It definitely makes life worth living. I love the pictures. : D

  2. have 3 admins! you three are great :)