Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How To: Import Blogs From Google Reader to Bloglovin'

Yesterday we shared with you some news about Google Reader and GFC going away soon and that Bloglovin' is around to help! We also mentioned that you can import your blogs from Google Reader in to Bloglovin' without having to manually enter each link. What a life saver! We had some people ask us how to do that so we are going to share the 'how to' with you today.

Step One:

Log in to your Bloglovin' account and go to settings. Scroll down to the 'Import Blogs' button and click that.

Step Two:

Select Google Reader

Step Three:

Confirm importing from Google Reader

Step Four:

Select 'allow access'

Step Five:

You will get a screen like this that shows your importing process

Once it's complete, it will take you back to your Bloglovin' home page and all of your favorite blogs will be there ready for you to read!

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