Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blog Tips: Be Consistent Without Blogging Every Day

One of the most important things in blogging is figuring out a schedule. When you first start your blog, as we have gone over in the past, you should figure out a schedule that works best for you. Over time, as your content changes and grows along with your blog, your schedule may change as well. But you don't have to blog every day, or even every other day, in order to keep your readers engaged and your blog a success. Here I will share with you some tips on how to keep consistent with posts.


I suggest keeping a blog notebook with you at all times. I carry around one with me in my purse so when I get ideas for a blog post I can jot it down real quick. Making sure that you have a list of ideas for posts can help keep you on top of your blog to make sure you don't run out of content, keeping you consistent.

Blog Schedule:

Whether you have had your blog for years or are just starting out, having a blog schedule is key. You could set the schedule so that you blog [meaning, posts are published or scheduled to publish, on these days] Monday, Wednesday, Friday and have weekends off. Or you could only blog Monday and Friday. Whatever day[s] of the week you plan to have posts published, keep to that schedule. In the above mentioned notebook, you could write next to each idea the day/date you plan to have the post ready by to be published, keeping your ideas for content just as organized as the days you want them to be published on. Once you have your blog schedule figured out, it would be a good idea to write up a post or include in your 'About Me' or 'About this blog' section what days you will have posts for your readers. This will give them a heads up on when they can plan to visit your blog and read new content.

Blog Series:

Many bloggers out there, myself included, have one or two weekly blog series that they do. They could be anything from blog hops to Instagram updates to what you're currently up to. Whatever series you plan to have, be sure to stick with it and publish them on the same days every week. It will give your readers something to look forward to every week to either link up or read and wont leave them hanging when they visit your blog on Monday when your 'Monday Madness' series isn't there. 


All bloggers grow within their blogs which means content will change and grow as well. Maybe the schedule you set for yourself isn't quite working out for you a year down the road and you may need to blog more or blog less. Making the transition in your schedule can be sudden or subtle, but whatever your approach I suggest giving your readers a little heads up. If your weekly link up is becoming too much for you, but you have dozens of participants, plan to send them an email or in your final link up mention that this week will be the last week and to thank them for their participation and support. Or if you've blogged only two days out of the week and your blog has grown as more ideas pour in, you could give a little reminder at the bottom of your posts that you have more content to offer them or even write up a new post mentioning the growth of your blog. Change in your blogging schedule can be a smooth transition for you and your followers as well. 

Keeping your readers/followers engaged is very important so when you stay consistent you can keep the love and support of them through out your blogging career. You don't have to blog every day to be consistent and as long as your readers know when to visit your blog and you follow through with a post, your blog will flourish and be as successful as you want it to be. 

We would love to come check out your blogs! Leave a link to your blog in the comments below so we can come say hi! Thanks!
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  1. These tips are awesome! I need to implement a schedule, I have 2 posts scheduled and I feel very special lol

    1. It can feel incredibly amazing being on top of things when blogging. When I get behind on any of my blogs, I always feel a sense of panic and a sense that I am letting down my readers. I really need to follow our advice a little more often! Haha. XO

  2. Nice tips! I'll definitely be listening to these to improve my blogging!

  3. I always love hearing all the great advise you have!

    Kendra @ openspaces

  4. Thanks for the tips! We have a pretty consistent schedule, although it does include Saturday posts most weeks. And we have a weekly series: Thankful Thursday. It's minimal text and a picture of something we are thankful for this week. This allows us a little breather from a long post, while letting us share with our readers.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  5. Thank you for the great tip! It totally makes sense. I need to work on this. I'm still kinda all over the place. But I'm willing to learn!

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  7. Thanks for your great tips! I had recently started scheduling my posts every other day, but was worried if I needed to change to everyday instead...

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