Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Tips: Blog Button Etiquette

Last week I shared with you how to make a blog button. Today I would like to share a little more in depth on that blog button so you can get the most out of it and make it look good, not lame. 

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you make/design your button is that it is a form of advertisement for your blog. Much like the billboards you see when driving on the freeway or picture ads in the magazines when you flip through them, your button is an image that is selling your blog. You want to make a button or two that represents your blog and you, so of course you want it to be the best. And remember that your button will be hanging out on someone's sidebar so making something that looks good is beneficial. 

There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there all with their own design in mind. That means that their sidebars are different than that of another blogs size-wise and their vision for the size ads they choose to display are different, too. When I visit a blog and have finished catching up on my weekly reads, I head on over to their sidebar to check out their sponsors. Many times when scrolling through the ads I have come across a button that is smooshed and out of proportion. And that, right there, makes me not want to visit that blog; because it is not appealing nor attractive to me. So when you go out seeking to sponsor a blog, please pay attention to their size options. You may have made a button that is 300x300, but the spot you're looking to sponsor is a 300x150 size. Do not upload or submit a button that is not the ad spots actual size! 

So lets say this is the button you have:

300x300 size
But the ad spot you are wanting to purchase is 300x150. This is what your button will look like if you do not adjust it's proportions before uploading:

300x150 size

Is that attractive? Is that button going to make you want to visit the blog? No. It may make you stop and stare for a moment, but I would just be shaking my head. You do not want a button like that representing your blog. For me, it doesn't say much about the person who submitted that button in the first place. Yes, blogging takes up a lot of time and who wants to mess around with making new buttons in the first place? But when you really think about it, blogging isn't just about sitting behind your screen typing away; it's about social networking and getting yourself out there too. And advertising your blog is the biggest way to do that. So why not take some time to alter your button before you upload and submit? {P.S. The way to do that with a button like above is to simply remake it using the tutorial I gave you to the exact proportions}.

Now, if you have a picture for a button that you would like to submit:

300x300 size
But the ad spot you are wanting to purchase is 300x150. This is what your button will look like if you do not adjust it's proportions before uploading:

300x150 size
Though that looks absolutely hilarious, that is only what it will look like; a joke. So unless you're advertising for MADtv, you want to avoid doing this. How you ask? There are two ways and they're both pretty simple.

Open your image in PicMonkey or Pixlr {or any other photo editing program}. Select crop and crop your image to half the image size in height. So the original button image is 300 {width} x 300 {height} you'll crop the height in half which will make it look like this {depending on where your cropped area is}:

300x150 size
Another way that you can crop your image to the size you want is to crop the original photo that would be proportionate of a 300x150 size {ie: 600x300 or 850x425}. Original photo:

650x650 size
And here is it cropped to proportion:

650x325 size
Now that you have cropped the original photo to proportion, resize it to 300x150 {be sure to check 'keep proportion'}:

300x150 size
And once your photo is cropped to its size, you can then decorate it with your blog name and maybe a cute label or two to really make it your own {how to do this is found in the tutorial from last week}. You will then have a button that you can feel proud to hang out on another bloggers sidebar!

Making these simple adjustments take just a few minutes, are free, and very simple to do and they will benefit you and your blog in the long run. 

Oh and one last thing; if you are a blogger and are reviewing your paid sponsors before approving their ads and you see a smooshed up button... please, please send them a quick email to have them submit a proportionate button before you can approve it. There is no harm in asking because they may look a little silly for submitting one, but you'll look pretty silly approving and displaying one as well. I know that I like my ads on my sidebar to look proportionate and pretty; I'm sure you do too! 

If you need help making a blog button, resizing a blog button, or any other type of advertising/sponsorship help at all, please leave us a comment below or send us an email at 

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  1. This post made me giggle so much! BUT was so true! Great job!!

  2. Thank you so much! Your articles about making a blog button were clear and really helped!


    The DIY Frenchie

  3. So, I have a question, what is the purpose of these buttons aside from advertising... or better yet, what is the etiquette here. If someone grabs mine from the grab my button section, am I supposed to go get their button too? How does that all work? I'm new at the world of blog buttons.

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