Monday, May 6, 2013

May Featured Blogger

Last month we wrote up a post on giveaways and decided to have a fun little giveaway of our own where you could enter to win the chance of being a featured blogger in May. Jerika from Everyday Bay won! So let me introduce you to May's featured blogger:

Hi my name is Jerika! I was born into a military family. My dad was serving in Fort Stewart, Georgia when I was born. I was born on my dads birthday, April 1st. Not too long after I was born my dad got out of the Army and my parents, my older sister and I moved back to my moms hometown in Louisiana. My little brother came into the world a few years later. We grew up in a tiny little town in Central Louisiana. I went to a small school with only 20 or so people in my class. I had the best upbringing a kid could ask for. I went through school being as active and into everything I possibly could. You name it, I did it. I started dancing at the age of four. It was the one thing that I loved and was most passionate about. It consumed my life until I got to high school and I decided that I wanted to have time to do other things as well. I was in every club. I played softball, was a cheerleader, and I was an honor student. I was somewhat of an over achiever. I graduated high school with plans to move away to college. I met my eventual husband right before I graduated. After spending the summer with him and falling head over heels I decided maybe staying home and going to college wouldn't be so bad. I stayed in college a semester and then Shane proposed. We set a date. Planned a big wedding and I bought a beautiful dress. We decided we didn't want to wait any longer and got married a couple of months later in the cutest little quickie wedding you've ever seen. A half a year later we found out we were pregnant with our first baby. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this past February. He is the light in my life.

I began blogging as a way to track my pregnancy but quickly lost interest because I didn't have the easiest pregnancy. Now that I am a stay at home mom I am back blogging again about anything that is on my mind that day. I blog mostly about my family and whats going on with us. You will find more about my son, Baylor, than anything else there. I want to document every little thing that happens in his life because I am quickly learning that babies grow so fast. 

I am fairly new to blogging and I can't wait to grow my blog and start doing new things with it. The blogging community fascinates me so much and I love becoming a part of it!

Jerika's blog is a sweet daily read and I just love looking at all her cute photos of her baby Baylor! Head on over to Everyday Bay and check it out. Plus, right now she is having a giveaway! Who wants to win a pair of amazing moccs for your little?? 
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  1. I just had my first baby in March so I'm particularly interested in new Mommy blogs. Can't wait to check out Everyday Bay!

    Maria xx

  2. Hello jerika, I really love reading your blog and your baby is very handsom congratulatiions on your baby boy, I also have a baby and she just turned 5 months I love her very much, hope you luck in blogging.

  3. Hello Jerika I really enjoyed rading your blog and you have a wonderful family, wish you the best ;)

  4. Love your blog! Congratulations on the little one! Mine will be one next month..ah! And I was also a military kid and am now a military wife. Great meeting you!

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